Vinyl Sales Increased By 40% In 2020 – EDMTunes

Music definitely experienced some major changes last year. Apparently, so did the way we listen to it. According to, last year saw an increase in physical records selling. Out of all the formats, there’s one who outshined all of them. Vinyl sales experienced a 40% increase when compared to last year. This might come as a huge surprise to many. However, it goes on to show that many people decided to try something new during the quarantine, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a revival coming soon enough.

That said: is vinyl due for a comeback?

Last Saturday, I went to a vinyl street market. I was surprised to see just how many people are into vinyl nowadays. New records, old records, hidden jewels. People just love vinyl. DJs releasing a vinyl version of their latest work shows how much the market has grown recently. I went from having 0 DJ friends who played vinyl to around 4. It might not sound like such a big number, but that’s still a 400% increase. One of my friends who’s been deep in this trend told me that “vinyl is the future”. I didn’t want to believe it, now, after reading these reports, I’ve got to give him credit.

Vinyl: A Resurgence Of The Old Trend

Now, I’m not saying