The Best Vinyl Releases Of October 2020 – UPROXX

Anybody who thought the vinyl resurgence was just a fad was mistaken: The industry has experienced a legitimate revival. As a result, music fans are interested in physical media in ways they may not have if the decades-old medium hasn’t made a comeback. That doesn’t mean everybody is listening to just their parents’ old music, though. That’s part of it, sure, thanks to rereleases that present classic albums in new ways. A vital part of the renewed vinyl wave, though, is new projects being released as records, of which there are plenty.

Whatever you might be into, each month brings a new slew of vinyl releases that has something for everybody. Some stand out above the rest, naturally, so check out some of our favorite vinyl releases of October below.

Tom Petty — Wildflowers & All The Rest

Warner Records

This reissue of Tom Petty’s 1994 solo album has been about as successful as rereleases get. His Twitter account summed it up best a few days ago: “Wildflowers & All The Rest debuts at #5 on the @billboard 200 in its first week! The release surpasses the original Wildflowers which peaked on the Billboard 200 at #8 in 1994.