Robert Wyatt / ‘His Greatest Misses’ / Exceptional New Vinyl for This Year of Years – Flaunt Magazine

There have been, of course, a handful of powerful debuts, full-lengths, random drops and rarity re-issue efforts that have helped us fork the river and drudge through the mud of this twisted, lobotomized year… her turbulent days and loveless nights. But there are truly few that come as close to offering sonic salvation as English musician Robert Wyatt via his new Domino Records vinyl. Yes, the singer/songwriter has blessed the masses with His Greatest Misses, a tongue-in-cheek hits homage to his decades-long career, with more than a few extra goodies sneaking past the stateside goalie for the first time ever.

Beginning his career as a founding member of the bands Soft Machine and Matching Mole, Wyatt embarked on a solo career that for years has soundtracked untold amounts of bonfires, back seat sex, cool pool hall tourneys, and road trips through Rhode Island, among others. In this deluxe, double stacked wax ensemble, which features artwork by Wyatt’s wife of 46 years, Alfie Benge (I mean, cmon), we’re reminded why we need music when we need a conduit to warmer, or at least more populated, memories, why we need music when things are collapsing, and why we got on the horse in the first place. Honest, eccentric, stubborn, and a-categorical, Wyatt serves it up hot, letting fans decide to shovel it all down in one go or take extras home to mom.

Quantities are limited on this bad boy, so get to Domino Records and