Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week (19th February) – The Vinyl Factory

Ethereal electronica, uplifting reggae, searing techno, and more.

This week’s rundown is by VF’s Gabriela Helfet and Lazlo Rugoff, alongside Jesse Bernard, James Hammond, and Emily Hill.


Pauline Anna Strom

Angel Tears in Sunlight



Following the release of a retrospective of Pauline Anna Strom’s work in 2017, the pioneering blind synthesist felt reinvigorated to make music, for the first time in decades. Angel Tears in Sunlight, her first album in 30 years, is the mesmerising result of this creative inspiration. On the album, Strom’s electronics undulate endlessly to create worlds unto themselves. Opener ‘Tropical Convergence’ kaleidoscopically builds euphoria as it journeys into the clouds. Soon, ‘Marking Time’ personifies synthesizers conversing with each other in symbiosis. Elsewhere, ‘Temple Gardens at Midnight’ teleports you through an alien love story in an interstellar universe. These are only a few examples; each track deserves ample time and space to appreciate what Strom’s singular vision has conjured. Tragically, the album also comprises Strom’s final recordings before her unexpected death, making it both a beautiful return and a heartrending farewell in sonic form. – GH


I Am The Originator

(Kingston Sounds)


It’s as though the universe knew that this week reggae legend U-Roy would depart from this life into the next. I Am The Originator is