How to sell used vinyl records in Lansing – City Pulse

Rich Tupica

Whether you’re a casual vinyl buyer, or a serious record collector, the need to unload some unwanted wax arises every once in a while. Sure, there are profitable online selling options, like Discogs and eBay, but that requires some tedious vinyl-grading wisdom, and the time it takes to ship records at the often-crowded post office. Hauling in a box to local record shops is often the easiest option, plus you leave with a few bucks in your pocket. Of course, not all vinyl is valuable, so learning the ropes before you head out is a good idea.

Vinyl experts Heather Frarey (owner of The Record Lounge in REO Town) and Jon Howard (manager of Flat, Black & Circular in downtown East Lansing), offered up some friendly advice to consider before you lug those heavy crates of LPs over to their respective stores. Here’s what they had to say.

What’s some advice you’d give to a person selling used records for the first time?

FBC: First timers might want to come in and get a tour. Online prices can be unrealistic, and they can see how we price and the condition we carry.”

Record Lounge: “I’d say make sure there are records in the cover as well as the right record. Also, like I said before: condition is everything.”

What are the best days and times to bring in vinyl for you to sort through?

FBC: “Usually weekdays for big loads of records. Smaller anytime.”

Record Lounge: “Usually weekdays are best. Tuesday or Wednesday