Fayetteville expat Tony Presley laser-focused on growing Austin-based record label – Fayetteville Flyer

Tony Presley / Courtesy photo

Austin-based record label Keeled Scales has started 2021 by releasing a few records that will surely be in Best-Of conversations at years end.

You might remember Label manager and co-founder Tony Presley from his time in Fayetteville, where he performed solo and full band shows as Real Live Tigers. He also promoted shows at various venues across town, at The Lightbulb Club, LaLaLand, The Dinosaur House, The New Deli, Nightbird Books and a few other venues that no longer exist. Presley started the label in 2014 with Seth Whaland. Last year, they released Tenci‘s excellent record My Heart Is An Open Field.

Keeled Scales has just released new records from Buck Meek (of Big Thief), Sun June, and Katy Kirby.

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Kirby’s record Cool Dry Place is officially out this Friday – it’s a stunning debut and my favorite of the year so far. One listen to her song “Traffic” will make you an instant fan.

This Spring, new records from Karima Walker and Renee Reed have been announced, and are available to pre-order. Locally, you can buy and order Keeled Scales releases at Block Street Records. If you like what you hear or are already sold, you can buy everything and